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Coming Soon on 6th March 2018

Intertwining elements of suspense and magical realism,
award-winning literary debut RAINBIRDS opens with a murder
and shines a spotlight on life in fictional small-town Japan.

Ren Ishida is nearly done with graduate school when he receives news of his sister, Keiko’s, sudden death. She was viciously stabbed one rainy night on her way home, and there are no leads. Ren heads to Akakawa to conclude his sister’s affairs, failing to understand why she chose to abandon their family and leave Tokyo for this small town in the first place.

But Ren soon finds himself picking up right where Keiko left off, accepting both her teaching position at a cram school and the bizarre arrangement of free lodging at the wealthy Mr. Katou’s mansion, in exchange for reading aloud each morning to Katou’s depressed, mute wife. As Ren gets to know the figures in the town, from the mysterious Katou to fellow teachers and a rebellious, alluring student named Rio, he replays memories of his childhood with Keiko and finds his dreams haunted by a young girl with pigtails who is desperately trying to tell him something. Struggling to fill the void that Keiko has left behind, Ren realizes that perhaps people don’t change, and if they don’t, he can decipher the identity of his sister’s killer.


Luminous, sinister, and page-turning all at once. I loved it.

— Kate Hamer, author of The Girl in the Red Coat and The Doll Funeral

A beautiful mystery setup with a complex, magical love story.

Eka Kurniawan, award-winning author of Beauty Is a Wound and Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash

A beautiful, well-crafted story, Rainbirds is an exploration of grief, love and loss. Clarissa Goenawan has written a powerful debut novel that will leave readers craving more.

Hollie Overton, internationally bestselling author of Baby Doll and The Walls

Like the imaginary town in Japan in which it takes place, Rainbirds possesses a charm that is at once cloistered, quiet, and mysterious. Carefully crafted and paced, the novel captivates with its reflective, dreamlike tone. A promising debut from Clarissa Goenawan.

Dee Lestari, award-winning singer-songwriter and author of the Supernova series

Rainbirds is that rarest of debut novels—confident, transportive, and utterly enthralling. Clarissa Goenawan explores the mysteries of small-town Japan, drawing readers in with understated prose, then ensnaring with a subtle spell, exposing, grain by grain, the secrets behind a young woman’s death.

Barry Lancet, award-winning author of The Spy Across the Table and Japantown

A hauntingly moving story of loss and alienation.

Jake Arnott, internationally bestselling author of The Long Firm and The House of Rumour

Rainbirds is a deeply immersive novel: I lost myself in Goenawan’s masterful rendering of a sleepy Japanese town.

Elisa Lodato, author of An Unremarkable Body

  • Winner of the Bath Novel Award (UK)

    Finalist of the Dundee International Book Prize (UK)

    Shortlisted for the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Award (US)

    Shortlisted for the First Novel Prize (UK)

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